AI-Driven Script Coverage

First Read’s AI-driven analysis ensures every screenplay receives thorough, unbiased, and rapid coverage, highlighting potential blockbusters and hidden gems that fit your company’s needs and mandates.

A New Way to Approach a Script

With the increasing number of scripts flooding into studios and production companies, finding the best scripts in the most efficient way possible has never been more urgent. 

Perhaps you had a bad day or are running late to a meeting. Not to worry, First Read offers a consistent and objective lens. Dive deep into the heart of every narrative, exploring character arcs, plot dynamics, and more with unparalleled precision.

Cutting Edge Technology

First Read combines large language models, natural language processing, text embedding, and custom AI models to provide insightful story analysis in minutes.

Quality First

Ensure you’re making the best investment in the right scripts. With “First Read”, you get an AI-driven analysis that highlights potential and quality, enabling you to pick stories that resonate with audiences.

Cutting Edge

A synergy of advanced coding and groundbreaking development practices. Our commitment to technology excellence ensures that our screenplay analysis remains top-tier, adapting and evolving with the demands of the film industry.

Industry Forward

It isn’t just about tech; it’s about understanding the cinematic landscape. We bridge the gap between AI and Hollywood, ensuring seamless integration with production pipelines, empowering decision-makers at every step.