How It Works

Discover the Cutting-Edge of Script Analysis with First Read

At First Read, we harness the power of advanced text embedding, natural language processing, and large language models, complemented by our proprietary algorithms. This unique blend allows us to meticulously analyze, dissect, and interpret scripts with unprecedented accuracy and depth.

Innovative and Independent Technology

Our approach is not tethered to any single language model, technology, or provider. We meticulously fine-tune each stable release to ensure peak performance. However, the magic happens behind the scenes. Our team relentlessly explores various models, tools, and techniques to continually refine our process. Our commitment to stability means we sometimes delay implementing cutting-edge advancements until they meet our stringent standards for consistency and reliability. This cautious approach guarantees that our customers always receive a product they can depend on, while we ambitiously work on enhancing future iterations. If there’s a new AI tool or model on the market, chances are, we’re already examining its potential integration into First Read, always keeping our proprietary formula adaptive and customer-centric.

Security and Privacy at Our Core

Each First Read instance operates in isolation, accessible only to members of the same organization, with stringent data segregation. You’ll never encounter another user’s profile or projects. Furthermore, First Read communicates solely with our proprietary STORYMAP API. This setup not only ensures multiple authentication layers but also serves as a robust barrier against external services.

While our proprietary Storymap API utilizes select external APIs, we partner exclusively with reputable providers such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, under strict agreements. Rest assured, your data is never stored, shared, or utilized for training other models.

Upholding the Highest Security Standards

We prioritize your privacy and security in every aspect. All user credentials, including emails and authentication details, are processed exclusively server-side. We safeguard passwords with advanced salting and stretching methods, securing them in a database protected by MD5 encryption. To shield against Cross-Site Request Forgery, we employ cryptographic tokens. Moreover, our unwavering commitment to security is evident in our insistence on SSL and HTTPS protocols across our platform, ensuring end-to-end encryption for your peace of mind.